Making Sure Your Pet Is Happy and Healthy

Making Sure Your Pet is Happy and Healthy

Summer Time For Pets: 4 Ways Dog Grooming Can Help Your Dog

by Linda Sullivan

Winter isn't a great time for your dog. The long dark nights and lower temperatures mean that any walks with your pet are probably short and quick. When summer arrives, many dog owners want to get outside. However, before you do so, you should take your pet to a dog grooming shop. Below is a guide to four things a dog grooming service can do.

Clipping nails

During the summer months, when your dog is more active, its nails will be worn down as it walks and runs around. However, during the more sedate winter months when your dog is not as active, its nails can get too long. A dog grooming service will clip the nails on your dog's feet to keep them short and healthy.

Trimming fur

During winter, many dogs grow a winter coat which helps to keep them warm. When the weather starts to warm up, your pet will begin to shed this coat. If you do not take a proactive approach to this, you may soon find that it starts to get out of control. A dog grooming service will comb the fur to remove any which is matted. They will then trim the fur so it looks neat, paying special attention to the areas around the ears and the tail as these areas can become irritated by fur which is too long.

Dental cleaning

Finally, the dog grooming service will brush your dog's teeth to remove any plaque which has built up on your pet's teeth and gums. Dental cleaning will help to deal with any bad breath which your pet has developed during the winter months.

Administering flea and tick treatments

Your dog is much more at risk of being attacked by fleas during the summer season. Fleas and ticks thrive during the warmer months, and your dog is much more likely to be running around where they are more likely to pick them up on its fur. The dog grooming service will wash your dog's fur before applying an anti-flea and tick treatment to the skin. They will also give you instructions on how often you should reapply the treatment to protect your pet.

If you would like further information about caring for your dog, contact a local grooming company. The staff will be able to tell you how often your dog needs grooming and what sort of services your specific breed of dog could benefit from.


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Making Sure Your Pet is Happy and Healthy

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